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Why We Drove To an Earthquake Zone!?

Sometimes timing is everything! When things occur that seem easy, enjoyable or what we want or seem to "fit into our lives" we often praise God or think fate or the stars or whatever we believe is aligning....however when things don't quite go to plan we seem to deem these events as negatives, unwanted occurrences, "bad luck" or to be honest down right inconvenient! But if we can stop seeing life so black and white, good and bad, we might actually see that every circumstance that presents itself can be a blessing...either to help us grow, to teach us, to stretch us, to deepen us, to help us connect better with others, to be humbled or to sometimes just learn some much needed patience!

This happened when we turned up in Puerto Rico in January 2020. When Jez and I planned to travel the Caribbean we hoped for a well needed break and we really did imagine sipping cocktails, crystal clear white beaches and warm sunny weather...instead during our 2 months in Caribbean we actually experienced a lot of rain, churned up choppy seas and our plans constantly changing! So when we were leaving the Dominican Republic aware there had been a 6.4 earthquake in Puerto Rico we did question whether to change our flights but we knew this was a circumstance to embrace and experience like any other! We had been blessed to experience the Sanse Festival in San Juan on our arrival due to non refundable pre-booked accommodation so it was a bizzarre week in Puerto Rico to say the least! We decided to find a way to help with the earthquake and found WCK World Central Kitchen, (https://wck.org/) who offer global disaster relief,. We went to Ponce and volunteered for a few days before we had flights booked to Costa Rica! It was a humbling and eye opening experience behind the scenes that made us want to go back and help WCK at a later date....so watch this space!



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