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You found us! So we, Jez and Jodun, would like to give you a big fat welcome to our blog! This is all a bit new to us so bare with us as we attempt to share our lives with you via social media! We have a lot of catching up to do we know and we are sorry for the delay in getting all this gorgeous juicy viewing out to you! We will be releasing photos/ videos/ articles/ thoughts/ feelings/ inspirations/ reflections and most of all the fabulous journey we are now on.........

So our plan when we left the UK was to find somewhere new to live....we wanted to experience living in another culture, speaking another language and to see if we could try and make a difference in the world! We had both spent our careers and pretty much most our free time helping other people (or doing up old properties to generate added income!) so we left with the intention to try and see if we could set up a community project or find a way to use our time and money to help other people! We have both felt incredible blessed being born in the UK.. we are very lucky that we love where we are from!

So we decided to visit different projects along the way and be open to helping out others wherever we could. We also wanted to seek out and champion amazing people doing amazing things! We basically wanted to get inspired and inspire others whilst having a kick ass incredible adventure!

So we have now been travelling for 6 months....well technically we've been "travelling" for about four months before the Corona Virus slowed us down so we now have time and space to get this yummy blog up and running! So to catch you all up on what and where we have been to here is a very very quick run down as we will be writing some more on each country; our high lights, funny bits and things you might like to know!

Here is our route so far......

We left the UK on the 31st October 2019 and fly to Los Angeles. This first part of our trip was purely for fun as we had wanted to do a massive road trip for a long time! We spent a few days in LA before heading down to San Diego to stay with some wonderful friends who live there. We then got ourselves set and raring to travel the 3400 miles in 3 weeks to Miami! We managed to score an awesome truck, we named Winston, at the same price as an economy car with damage waiver included, thank you Enterprise!!

We slept in six of the eight states we went through; San Diego (California) Tuscon (Arazona), El Paso (New Mexico), San Antonio, Gruene, Brenham (Texas) Saint Francisville, New Orleans (Louisiana), Nevarre, St Augustine, St Petersberg, Port Richie, Everglades and Miami (Florida).

We then flew to Cuba and traveled from Camaguay to Havana for a month then flew to the Domincan Republic, our original plan was to visit Haiti but there were heavy government warnings that it was unsafe for travel. We spent just under a month in the DR before flying to Puerto Rico for 10 days.....straight after the earthquake! We then finally arrived in Costa Rica the last country we had a flight booked to. We traveled up to see some of Nicaragua before heading south along the Nicoya Penisula and down the Pacific coast to where we are now at the time of writing!

So that was a speedy "fill in" Thanks for reading our first post!! We'd love your comments feedback ideas or thoughts! Also if you subscribe we can alert you with each new post!

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