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How We are Still Married After 3 weeks Driving Across the USA

Ok so I know this title might seem strange and you might be like "hey I love partner they're amazing what's the big deal? So we will be in a car for three weeks travelling the States it sounds incredible!" Don't get me wrong it is but these few things might help you feel "you've thrived not survive". We drove from San Diego to Miami in 3 weeks...I know that sounds a liberal amount of time but it is 3,400 miles and 48 hours in a car......a small space.....with one other person.....you will inevitable get lost at some point......and someone farted.....

1. Plan for no WiFi.....so we didn't plan anything apart from where we were going to end up and when! We quickly realised there was pretty much no signal on our route so either bring a hardback travel guide or be willing to loss time at your destinations researching what you are going to do there and where you are going next (yes we ended up doing this and it wasn't particularly fun!). Also think about getting a phone you can top up to call in case of an emergency.

2. Driving Hypnosis The journey and the achievement are epic and it can be expensive so you want to make the most out of it! Account for travel days! After 3 weeks driving we realised that 4-5hours was our max for driving in one go. It doesn't sound much but when you are driving every two or three days it gets pretty tiring and it can be a little boring if the scenery is monotonous. Also we would advice not driving in the dark....we did one six hour journey in the dark on a long straight road and I swear we felt like we were tripping or being hypnotized...staying between the lines become a challenge, trust me!

3. Playing In Car "IT" or "TAG" The scenery though astounding can quickly go from "wow" to "yawn" after an hour or two of the same thing. We played several rounds of "It" (or Tag) before realizing it had run its course. Our favourite in car game is "what am I thinking about" a game where one person can literally think about anything; an object, a concept, a fantasy (anything!) and the other person has to guess (basically a ridiculous version of animal vegetable mineral). Bring audible books to listen to, podcasts, music etc. We download "200 questions" which is loads of fun and silly questions you can ask each other to keep the conversation interesting https://conversationstartersworld.com . Basically be over prepare!

Definitely one of your 5 a day!

4. Avoid Getting Hangry this probably sounds so obvious but we were naively unprepared for the lack or variety of food. Outside of towns and cities it was ok but not in the vast "nowheres". In the UK we have a pretty good selection at petrol stations but we don't have anything like the huge distances they have in USA between cities. Hangry causes arguments....fights....wars.... so be prepared. We learnt this in the savage form of a grey "fish burger" (I am not sure it was fish and I'm pretty sure it wouldnt count as a burger). We got savvy and prepped meals for our long car journeys as we realised we could not run on oversized car snacks any longer. Also buy a reuseable coffee cup and some cutlery to use along the way (lets care about the environment!) you can gift them at the end.

5. Like the Person You are in a Car with This isn't the time to be wavering or to think "I'll give it one more go on this long car journey".

6 Really like the Person You are in a Car With. In all seriousness on our road trip we heard the following news on the radio,it went a little something like this..... "Woman fell out of moving car after an argument with her boyfriend". I can assure you if they were on a long road trip there was no "falling".

7. Get used to your car smelling like farts, food and feet Its almost unavoidable. You will probably also become pretty comfortable talking about poop.

8. Remember to be safe! Never drive tired, hangry or drunk obviously. Top your car up before any long stretch of open road. Never leave your possessions in your truck and don't blame a squeaky seat.....

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