Hello and welcome to our blog! We are Jez and Jodun a British couple who are looking for somewhere to live! Whilst most people move houses, towns, or cities we decided to pack up, sell everything and leave the UK with two one-way tickets and a rough plan of where we were going.

We first met in December 2011 in a small town called Christchurch and realized we were both living in an almost smaller village called Burton (eg people’s frame of reference is the one village shop!). When people ask how we met we always look at each other and have to consider which story to tell them as there are really two ways we met. One is at a church and the other is through a cat, and not just any cat but a very special cat called Banjo. Our story like many others has so many parts that needed to align for our meeting to happen but that is another story for another day....

Before Jez and I even began dating I told him two important things he needed to know about me.....

1. I wanted to live abroad and live in another culture 

2. I wanted to foster/adopt children and did not want to have my own

Luckily he was happy with both! We eventually got together 6 months later and quickly realized we both loved people, loved God and wanted to try and make the world a better place! We both spent our careers working with vulnerable people and knew that wherever we would be this would be part of our plan! We wanted to take our money and our time and see what we could do with it somewhere else.

So fast forward 8 years and we were standing on the platform, freezing cold as we'd just shed our winter coats, waiting for a train to Gatwick. 

 I looked down at the paint and tile adhesive still stuck under my finger nails as it finally dawned on me just how chaotically manic the last 15 months had been…but I also realized the last eight years had been such a roller coaster of events, emotions and decisions! Every decision we had made over those eight years was to make our dream a reality of travelling and living abroad! We had sensibly decided to spend the last 15 months of our time in the UK taking on a huge renovation project (to provide us with an income) Initially I was going to "help" with this 3-4 days a week but somehow it took over and I ended up doing the majority of the work...something I never imagined I would do or could do! Suddenly I was replacing foundations, bricking, laying joists, building stud walls, plasterboarding, redoing floors, tiling, fitting two kitchens to name some of it! It eventually consumed both of us most evenings and every weekend.

You know when life is so so manic when you look forward to a long flight just to sit down and watch movies! So our first destination was LA with a plan to drive across to Miami,fly to Cuba then to the Domincan Republic, Puerto Rico and then to Costa Rica! Past that we had no flights or plan but to adventure, travel, find joy, inspiration and hopefully a home! 

This is our blog about that…..about our travels but also about finding joy, seeking food for the soul, finding ways to share life and give back to people we meet along the way and how to make the world a better place!

The plan had been to have a month or two rest between the build and our leaving date but this was not to be as we faced more of more challenges (I was knocking a hole into a wall the night before the tenant move in)! In true “Jez and Jodun” style we were grouting tiles the night before we left and packing into the early hours just to make the flight!


Our story so far...

Much love  

Jodun+Jez xx

Banjo, our little fury cupid he gave us 11 glorious years of distain, grumpiness and down right playful cuteness.